Friends of the Academy

Ayuda Humanitarian

AYUDA [which means help in Spanish] has been providing humanitarian service for over 3 decades.  Spencer W. Kimball requested the formation of AYUDA as a means of serving where there was a huge need that the Church was not able to meet.

Ayuda members have served in many different countries throughout the world.  Most recently, we have focused on the Dominican Republic.

If you are interested in serving with AYUDA HUMANITARIAN, please contact:

Dr. Craig Smith at or 801.361.3287

Charity Anywhere Foundation

Mission Statement

Charity Anywhere Foundation’s mission is to give ordinary people the life-changing opportunity to provide needed medical care, dental services as well as help construct basic shelter in less developed countries in the most economical way possible, while concurrently forever changing the mind and heart of the volunteer for good. 

Charity Anywhere Foundation has provided service in many locations including; Tijuana, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Guatemala.  Currently all trips have been suspended due to travel restrictions and quarantining requirements caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The situation is being monitored and as soon as restrictions are lifted they hope to resume planning humanitarian trips.

How can you help?

Although travel has been halted, dental equipment and supplies are still needed. Any dental equipment drawing dust in your office is welcomed. Dental urgent needs: Cavitron tips, rotors, and turbines for handpieces; curing lights; high and low-speed handpieces, and toothbrushes.

Please see prior trip reports and information at the following link;

For more information, please contact:

Gordon Carter


Charity Vision

Charity Vision appreciates donations of hand instruments and general supplies.  They don’t need donations of larger equipment at this time.  They have occasional needs for volunteer dental service (most of them organized through Wayne Chisholm). Because of Covid, we have suspended all planning of future trips until we can get a better handle on what is possible. But we will usually have a few opportunities per year.  These will be updated as they are available.


Choice Humanitarian

CHOICE is a leadership organization that partners with rural communities around the world where villagers live on less than $1.25 a day. The CHOICE Humanitarian Leadership Model of village development empowers rural communities to create their own vision out of poverty. Since 1982, we have learned that leadership is everything. It’s the difference between villages succeeding or not succeeding. It’s the difference between full ownership or lack of it. Our approach integrates five core areas: economic development, health, education, environment, and culture.

Projects are used as tools to organize communities and mobilize resources to create long lasting change. The CHOICE approach is simple – native in-country staff mentor communities and their leaders by organizing and mobilizing them to create their own path out of poverty. On select expeditions, dental components can be included in the effort to promote sustainable impact.


Leah Barker
7879 S. 1530 West Suite 200
West Jordan, UT 84088

Phone: (801) 474-1937
Fax: (801) 474-1919

LDS Church Full-time Dental Missions

LDS Church Full-Time Dental Missions

Opportunities are available in a number of locations throughout the world for those who can commit 18 to 23 months and are prepared to serve as Area Dental Advisers for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. These Area Dental Advisers are called as full-time missionaries and serve as critical resources for the Area, providing care for:

  1. Missionaries entering the MTC that have been unable to receive basic dental care meeting mission standards,
  2. Currently serving missionaries who develop a critical problem during their missions, and
  3. Future missionaries preparing to serve.

Additionally, they work with Area Medical Advisers and Mission Nurses to properly triage emerging oral health needs with the missionaries and other missionary duties as may be assigned. The Academy of LDS Dentists works with the Church to help provide resources for dental missionaries in different Church clinics throughout the world.

As dentists, we are uniquely skilled to provide this needed resource as part of the Bishop’s Storehouse, in furthering the Work of Salvation and hastening the work.  The rewards of this level of consecrated service to the Lord are enormous, and you will feel His guiding hand on yours – both clinically and spiritually – as you serve as a full-time dental missionary.  Language skills are helpful in some locations, but maintaining your dental license and your physical, spiritual, and financial health are the most critical elements necessary in order to serve.

The Senior Missionary Opportunities Bulletin ( provides details on the sites that are available.  The Church currently has active programs in Guatemala, the Philippines, Tonga, Samoa, and is developing a site in Ghana. Please contact the specific Area Coordinator for the details regarding each location prior to contacting your bishop and stake president to prepare your missionary application.

For further information, contact Dr. Rich Call,  DMD, MS, Senior Missionary Dental Care Services Coordinator, Central America Area (

Dental Volunteers for Israel is working with a skeleton crew until Covid-19 restrictions have lifted. Please watch for updates!

UPDATE 1/26/21: DVI has remained open throughout the pandemic. During some lockdowns, we were only to provide emergency care  and during that time our free dentures project for needy elderly and Holocaust survivors was temporarily suspended, however, even with the current lockdown, we are fully operational.

Given that DVI is staffed by international volunteers, you can imagine how difficult it has been to maintain our services without volunteers like the wonderful dentists coming through your organization. We have been blessed to identify a cadre of local volunteers who have stepped up to the plate and contributed to this mission which enabled us to provide almost dental treatments to close to 2,000 youth in 2020 despite the COVID new realities.

Of course, we have adapted all the required PPE protocols and are glad to report that no staff or patient has become ill as result of being treated at DVI. Needless to say, all of these measures have increased our costs significantly.
We would be very grateful if you would, therefore, continue to inform your constituents about DVI. I am attaching a volunteer application form that you may wish to share with those who have never been here before.
We do schedule volunteers up to a year in advance and cancellations six months prior to volunteering have no cancellation fees. Of course, with the pandemic, things are very dynamic.
If you have questions or would like more information please contact: Sharon.
Sharon Spira
Volunteer Coordinator, International Relations
Dental Volunteers for Israel – DVI
29 Mekor Chaim, Jerusalem, Israel
Tel:      02-678-3101 x104
Fax:     02 678-4737

Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI) Dental Volunteers for Israel provides free dental care and oral hygiene education to thousands of at-risk children and youth in Jerusalem every year, thanks to the benevolent support from our friends and visiting volunteer dentists from around the world. 

DVI is a free-dental clinic, relying solely on the donated services of dentists who are willing to spend between one to four weeks in Jerusalem to bless the lives of poor Israeli and Palestinian children. Apartment provided at no cost. Clinic is state of the art. Dentists work four days a week 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. This schedule leaves time available for seeing the city and touring country. This is a great service opportunity to help disadvantaged children and learn more about the Holy Land. We invite all dentists interested in volunteering to contact us to receive more information.

A Personal Note from Dr. Bruce Matis, Academy Member:

An excellent dental volunteering opportunity for LDS dentists is with Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI).  The clinic hosts three dentists per week at a well equipped and well staffed, five chair, dental clinic.  DVI provides several housing options at no cost.  The Ramat Eshkol Apartment, which can accommodate up to six guests, is close to the Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies.  The clinic has a four day work week from 8-1 with no patients on the Jewish Sabbath or on Wednesday or Friday.  Restorative Care under rubber dam is provided to youth ages 4-18.  All patients have been through a Preventive Program and commit themselves to adhering to it. Volunteering for DVI provides meaningful service to an underserved population and gives you and your guest(s) a generous amount of free time to explore and contemplate the significance of the Holy Land.  I have served there for the past six years.

Dr. Bruce Matis and David                                                                                                       Dr. Thomas Dickson

Dental Lifeline Network (Donated Dental Services Program)

Donated Dental Services (DDS), a program of the Dental Lifeline Network (DLN), is a collaborative, direct way that the dental profession reaches out to our nation’s most vulnerable people; disabled, elderly or medically-compromised individuals who cannot afford necessary treatment nor get public aid such as Medicaid or Medicare. Dental professionals do this by volunteering their dental services at no charge.

Participation could not be easier.  Dentists and labs take care of the patients. DLN’s Donated Dental Services program takes care of everything else.

“The altruistic activities of DLN are unprecedented:

  • Needy patients are analyzed by a social worker before they even qualify to be assisted by DLN.
  • You are given the opportunity to treat the patient in your own office free of charge.
  • You are working in a familiar environment with your own employees.
  • You do not have to travel.
  • You can combine these patients on days that you are accomplishing your normal treatment.
  • The patients are very reliable.
  • If laboratory work is necessary, dental laboratories associated with DLN provide their services free of charge.
  • Your services for the patient usually allows them to go back to work, become a normal citizen, get out of ill health, overcome threatening potential systemic maladies related to their oral disease, and very importantly regain self-esteem and well being.
  • The payment for you is just as you would expect – profound gratitude, thanks beyond belief, and tears of joy.

Get involved, and you will be richly rewarded.”  –Dr. Gordon Christensen

For more information about this program, please call 303.534.5360, visit, or view the following video:  WHY VOLUNTEER

To sign up as a volunteer, click on the “Volunteer Now” button below.

Global Dental Relief

About Global Dental Relief

Global Dental Relief (GDR) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization established in 2001 to provide free dental care and oral health education to children living in poverty. GDR’s commitment is to return to these same children every two years to provide continuous care throughout childhood. On average, teams treat 100 children per day to top-notch dental care.

In the past GDR has hosted 30 clinics a year in six countries: Guatemala, Kenya, India, Nepal, Cambodia and Mexico. Volunteer clinical work is combined with opportunities to explore local culture and participate in guided travel.  To date, GDR has hosted more than 2,800 volunteers and treated over 180,000 children.

At this time, GDR volunteer clinics have been canceled through September 30. We are holding out hope that GDR may be able to do abbreviated dental outreach clinics in the last quarter of 2020. While we are on clinical care hiatus we are implementing a new program to help feed needy families in Guatemala and other GDR sites and we are also establishing an oral hygiene/fluoride prevention program utilizing school collaborations and local stakeholders.

To read more about this and a full list of other service and humanitarian opportunities currently available through GDR: Click Here

To learn more about Global Dental Relief, visit or reach out at 303.858.8857.

Contact: Becky Bay at or call the office at 303.858.8857

Global Dental Partners

Global Dental Partners is taking a dental brigade to San Pedro Sula, Honduras April 17-24, 2021 and would like to invite anyone interested to join us.  While most of the rest of the humanitarian dental world has been unwilling, or unable to travel because of Covid 19, Global Dental Partners has had three amazing trips in the past three months. We spent a week in November in Tegucigalpa, Honduras where we did dental work on over 200 pre-missionaries and we spent two weeks in Merida, Mexico in January seeing many pre-missionaries and children.  We are still looking for a few dentists and others to Join our April trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
We have made all necessary arrangements to have an amazing experience there. Please come and join us! We will be staying in the Hilton hotel in San Pedro Sula and will have safe transportation and safe working conditions. We will be working in a very nice local dental clinic with excellent equipment and we will also work out of one LDS stake center with portable dental units.  We hope to serve about 125 pre-missionaries on this trip.  These young men and women have great desires to serve missions, without our help many of them may not be able to serve or will be severely delayed in their service.
 Please reach out to Gary Evans at Global Dental Partners with any questions you may have. Gary Can be reached by phone at 208-403-7143 or by email at or visit
Hirsche Smiles Foundation

Chiquimula, Guatemala

Since 1998, dentists have been providing dental care to rural isolated Chorti Indian villages throughout the mountains of Western Guatemala.

The Hirsche Smiles Foundation was started in 1990 by:

Dr. Blayne L. Hirsche, plastic and reconstructive surgeon and

Dr. Michael Chandler, anesthesiologist.

In the fall of 2002,  Dr. Hirsche and his wife, Sandy, were killed in a plane crash and in their honor, the foundation has continued as have the countless trips to the mountain lands of Guatemala.

The foundation and the great work that is done in Guatemala has continued.  All team members are volunteers.  The team’s capability is to do dental restorations, not just extractions. There are one to four trips a year to the interior of Guatemala.

Utilizing 4-wheel drive vehicles, teams of dentists, assistants, and other humanitarian workers set up portable chairs and dental units in rural schools and provide primary surgical and restorative care to first the children and then adults in the region. We work in conjunction with a local dentist from Chiquimula and local Chorti Indian support organizations.  Recently the dental team has added a service team to its group.  This group helps rebuild roofs, and walls in homes in remotes villages in the mountains.

Trips are in February/March and again in the fall of each year. Spanish language skills are helpful, but not mandatory. Trips are 7-10 days, costing about $1,200-$1500.  These trips are incredibly rewarding in terms of the people you are with, both patients and providers.

To read an article written by Kathy Ross regarding their visit to Guatemala in 2012, CLICK HERE.

CONTACT:  Hirsche Smiles Foundation (

Dr. Dave Jackson, Hirsche Smiles Foundation Board of Directors


Dr. Lance Crowther, Hirsche Smiles Foundation Dental Advisor


Kathy Ross, Hirsche Smiles Foundation Board of Directors


Hope Arising

Due to the pandemic Hope Arising is not planning to sponsor any upcoming humanitarian trips.  Currently, Hope Arising is accepting hygiene, newborn, birthing and school kits. We will take these on our humanitarian trips to Ethiopia when they resume. If you’d like a list of what to include in these kits, please contact

Hope Arising is a non-profit dedicated to empowering families to gain self-reliance in Dera, Ethiopia and surrounding areas.  Founded in 2007, our organization is founded on a simple premise: That each child will live healthy, gain education and achieve economic self-reliance for a future of hope. Specifically, we support infrastructure projects, educational support, micro-enterprise, health care and sanitation training, AIDS awareness and prevention.

In the past we haven taken travel teams twice a year to provide free dental clinics to the people of Dera and the surrounding area. These clinics are crucial to providing dental services to people who would otherwise not be treated. People walk for days and stand in line for hours just for the privilege of seeing a dentist. In conjunction with this service, our native Ethiopian staff teach health and dental hygiene practices to over 75,000 students. This is currently funded by a Colgate grant.

When we are able to travel we are always looking for more dentists to fill this need! We also love to have hygienists and other non-dental profession family members come with us. Traveling with Hope Arising promises to enrich your own life as you save so many in need.

If you are interested in serving with Hope Arising, please contact:

Jennifer Dille 480-788-1746 or

Salt Lake Donated Dental Services Clinic

In 1990 Salt Lake City dentist, Dr. Ralph Montgomery, recognized access to oral health care for the disadvantaged within our community was nearly nonexistent. Many of the poorest and most destitute were forced to go without needed dental care. Often restorable teeth were extracted because there were simply no other options available. As a result, Dr. Montgomery founded Salt Lake Donated Dental Services (SLDDS). He believed that a healthy smile should not be limited to those with financial means and that with community commitment SLDDS’ Donated Dental Program can provide sorely needed quality dental care to Utah’s homeless and extremely low-income individuals (at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level) at no cost.

SLDDS offers a tremendous opportunity to give back to the community. The clinic has five operating rooms, two of which are set up for hygiene use, with modern equipment and materials available. The dental office is well organized, clean, and efficient while our staff are passionate about dentistry and service oriented. Volunteer dentists are welcome to bring their own dental assistants or use the experienced and qualified dental assistants on staff.

For more information about the opportunity and to schedule your next volunteer day, please contact Laurissa, SLDDS’ volunteer coordinator.

Address: 1383 South 900 West, Ste. 128 Salt Lake City, UT 84104



Phone: 801-972-2747


Thank you for emailing. Share a Smile is currently temporarily closed, due to the pandemic.  We will be reopening when it is safe to do so based on recommendations from the state.  Emails may be delayed in being returned since we are out of the office at this time.
If you are interested in donating, you can do so at this link
If you are a dentist who is interested in volunteering, please fill out this form and we will be happy to get back with you when we’re back in the office.
If you are a pre-dental student who is interested in volunteering, please fill out this form.  Inquiries will be answered in the order received on this form when we return to the office.

We provide free comprehensive dental care for the homeless and poor of Utah County from locations in Provo and American Fork.  Patients are required to give community service for each dental visit they receive, giving back to the community for services rendered in their behalf. We have two fully supplied permanent clinics, supported by Henry Schein Practice Solutions. Volunteers come as often as their schedules will permit. We would love to have time donated by dentists, hygienists, and assistants. This is also a great place for retired dentists to continue to share their talents with the community.

Share a Smile has provided free dental services to the Utah County homeless and poor for over 15 years, and currently sees up to 600 new patients every year.  We serve patient referrals from the Food and Care Coalition, Center for Women and Children in Crisis, Vocational Rehabilitation, Kids on the Move, Ability First, Wasatch Mental Health, Turning Point, Utah County Substance Abuse, Foothills Treatment, House of Hope, Chainbreakers, Alpine Recovery, and others.  Our local partnerships for volunteer service include Utah Valley University Dental Hygiene program, Brigham Young University pre-dental, Utah Valley University pre-dental, and Roseman Dental School.

Volunteer dentists, hygienists, and assistants are always needed. For more information on how you can become involved, contact:  Heather Hogue,, 801-477-6193


Mission Statement;

Share a Smile is committed to providing dental care and education to the less fortunate. We work to improve health and teach individuals new skills to better their quality of life and make them more self-sufficient. We feel that,“because (we) have been given much, we too must give.” As we help individuals, we can make the world a better place for all of us.

Smile Power

International Smile Power Foundation organizes trips to Jamaica, Bolivia, Guatamala, Uganda, Nepal and the Cook Islands and other areas in the South Pacific Trips are mostly dental with invitations for all interested to apply such as assistants, or a spouse who may have little or no dental experience since there is much to be done.

Minimum time commitment is one week in areas that are relatively close such as Jamaica , or 2-3 weeks in areas that are more distant such as the South Pacific or Nepal .

704-228th Ave. N.E. #204
Sammamish, WA 98074

Africa- Ghana (University of Ghana Dental School)

There currently are no humanitarian trips planned to Ghana.  However,  Elder John Bevan(retired dentist) and his wife are serving another mission there and could be excellent in country contacts.Elder Bevan has a respected relationship with the local dental school and dental community.  If you are interested in doing dental service either in Ghana or West Africa you can email Elder Bevan at

Overview of the past: Several successful dental expeditions have been performed at the University of Ghana Dental School by Academy members (including: periodontists, hygienists, general dentists, lab technicians, etc).  Most of the expeditions have focused on both didactic and clinical instruction at the school’s up-to-date clinic.In Ghana there is an enormous need for periodontal instruction (both surgical and non-surgical).

Since 2005, the school’s main focus has been to start the country’s first dental hygiene program and supplement their periodontal program.  With the cooperation of the dean, local students and dental faculty, a dental hygiene curriculum has been developed and SLOWLY implemented.  Much of the instruction has been sporadic, with teaching expeditions once a year (average one month long).  The goal is to have local dental faculty teach the curriculum to the dental hygiene students, but this has been slow to happen and the school has instead relied on visiting instructors.

During the summer of 2008, five dental hygienists went to Ghana to teach for one month at the dental school and then in early fall, four Ghanaian dental hygiene students came to the U.S. where they attended dental hygiene courses and observed clinical procedures at UVU’s Dental Hygiene Program.  They also observed in many general dental and periodontal offices.Upon completion of their four-week intensive program here, it was hoped that the University of Ghana Dental School (UGDS) and Ghanaian Ministry of Education would recognize their accomplishments and let them sit for clinical exams (administered by an accrediting body out of Nigeria).  We are still waiting for this to happen.Once these four hygienists are recognized for their hard work and seen as health professionals it is hoped that they will serve at the dental school as clinical instructors for more dental hygiene students.

Future Projects:  Until the UGDS makes the necessary arrangements with the appropriate government agencies to recognize these dental hygiene students for their four years of education and clinical experience there are no teaching expeditions planned.  The dental school has appreciated the teaching expeditions performed in the past and will hopefully follow through with the necessary bureaucratic steps to ensure more visiting dentists and hygienists.

Contact Information: If you are interested in teaching at the University of Ghana Dental School (either to dental or dental hygiene students) in the future (for either one week, two or more) you can contact Kristen Mecham at

Beehive Foundation


Please check back later.

Two to four trucks per week go into Mexico that feed people by the tens of thousands, assisted thousands of schools with school materials, and many thousands of hospitals and clinics. They have been established since 1982. Length of service tours is variable. Dentists, hygienists and assistants, and wives are invited to attend. Costs are covered by the individual volunteers.


Marion Jenkins

1011 West Mermot Carlsbad, NM 88220

Phone: 575.885.2179

Deseret International Foundation

This organization provides similar opportunities to those sponsored by CHOICE. This organization is different from Choice in that it is programmed around local dentists and they (the local dentists) operate a charitable clinic throughout the year. Deseret International Foundation is a support group for those clinics.

Short-term opportunities are available from one week to a month, and there also may be options for six months to two years. They can tailor service experience to specific skills or times. Please note that the organization’s dental areas of focus are El Salvador, Tonga, Uganda, Brazil, Philippines and Vietnam.


Deseret International Foundation
1282 E. Cambridge Ct.
Provo, UT 84604

Other contacts:
Dr. Bill Jackson (801) 374-0167
Doug Jackson (801) 687-9699
Dr. Leon Clark (801)253-2141 or

Eagle Condor Humanitarian

Expeditions are 11-12 day trips to the jungles and Andes of Peru where participants contribute their time and resources to benefit the lives of poor children and communities. Projects are selected in the areas of: 1. Health and Hygiene, 2. Literacy and Education and 3. Food and Water. Previous expeditions have included construction of kitchens, greenhouses, and bathrooms for grade schools as well as individual medical attention.

Van Evans (801) 859-1033

Visit our websites:

Ethiopia Service Project

Dear Prospective Volunteers,

In October of 2006, I went with the Village of Hope to Ethiopia, on a medical humanitarian expedition. I have worked as a medical sales rep for 9 years and finally decided to donate my time on an expedition to a developing country. I stumbled upon a couple in Heber, the Kennard’s, who adopted 6 Ethiopian children 12 years ago. Since that time, the family has been back numerous times and now have a non-profit organization that takes in “high risk” children. High risk is anything from orphans to young women who have been raped and circumcised and then have become outcasts. The Kennard’s have taken over many doctors, of various fields, to volunteer and help. Upon returning from my expedition to Africa, I knew I had to help this organization. Because of my line of work, which includes six years with Johnson & Johnson and three years with Astra Tech Implants, I have become acquainted with many health care professionals, including many dentists. Because I have worked with so many dentists, I would like to develop a humanitarian dental program in Ethiopia.

I met Dr. Karl Koerner at an implant seminar, and he told me about the Academy of LDS Dentists. He told me he would like to help me with this project. I told him of my plans and told him it was in its infancy. He thought that there would be plenty of dentists who would be interested in helping. Whoever might be interested in participating in this service project in Ethiopia would be part of a project starting from the ground floor. We currently are getting in touch with the dental school in the capital city of Addis Ababa. We want the students to be involved from the beginning and become a giant part of what we do over there.

What I would like to see happen is the following: We have a trip planned for the beginning of October. I would like to get some information on your website and see what kind of response we get. In the meantime, we will be working with the Ethiopian Dental School to plan for the arrival of the LDS dentists. I would like to have a group that stays in the capital city, Addis Ababa, and a group that goes out to a remote village and then we can switch them. We are looking for general dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists and plastic surgeons, for our project.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping us on this project. We need lots of help and input.


Noel Nielsen

P.S. Every expedition is followed with an incredible trip to Kenya, for a four day Safari. This is optional, however everyone who has gone on past expeditions have also gone on this Safari. It is an incredible experience.

The “Village of Hope” website is

Flying Samaritans

This is an organization that has been in existence for over 40 years.  The Flying Samaritans is a volunteer organization, which operates free medical and dental clinics in Baja California, Mexico.  There are ten chapters located in California and Arizona that support these clinics.

Monthly each chapter organizes and plans a trip to the clinics that their particular chapter supports.  Most of these clinics have dental operatories all set up and ready to use.  Procedures performed include fillings, extractions and cleanings generally.

The trips are all on weekends, so by taking just a Friday off of work you can have a great humanitarian experience and help many who are in need.  A typical trip departs the United States on Friday morning.  We fly to Mexico in mostly single engine private aircraft of 4-6 seats.  You will be assigned to an aircraft and pilot.  After clearing Mexico customs at a port of entry, we continue the trip landing on an airstrip close to the clinic.

We stay in modest hotels in Mexico, usually for 2 nights each trip.  Each participant pays his own way including hotel, food, visa and a portion of the fuel costs of the aircraft that you fly in.  Typically the cost per person will be around $250.00 to cover all of these expenses.

See a YouTube about the clinic at: Laguna San Ignacio 

If you are interested in more information go to

Hope Alliance

Hope Alliance has switched their focus to vision care and no longer does dental work.  In the past they sponsored medical and dental service projects in mostly the Iquitos, Peru (Amazon) area. Always welcomes a dentist to accompany their service expeditions.

They also work in Guatamala, Kenya, Haiti and Nepal,  as well as Peru. They work with a local dentist who lives in Barranca, Peru. Currently building a medical dental building. They do a lot of clinics on the Amazon river where there is no care available, bringing in generators and a portable dental units. Needs doctors, hygienists, dental students, and assistants. Dental excursions are most common in Peru there are 5-6 trips during the past year.

Monty Eggett
Phone: (801)952-0400
Fax: (801)973-7473

1775 West 1500 South

Salt Lake City, UT  84104


Cause for Hope has recently become Lifting Generations.  A nonprofit organization, we seek to enable thousands of families and individuals in developing countries to break the cycle of poverty and achieve lasting self-reliance through online and classroom based job market education and one-on-one mentoring. There are several different divisions within the organization.

Pre-Missionary Program:  This track was instituted to help direct and prepare young people for missions. Their participation in service projects qualifies them for the things that keep them from missions such as clothing, medical costs, and dental expenses, luggage and passports. Lifting Generations knows that mission service enriches life and has empowered over 900 young adults with the opportunity to serve full-time missions.  Without this program, most would have never served.  We provide dental work for the pre-missionaries, full-time missionaries, our students, and orphanages throughout Honduras.

Lifting Generations has four dental clinics at our schools in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, Honduras and Merida, Mexico and Managua, Nicaragua.  At each clinic we have local dentists who work at the clinics to keep up with the demands of the work that needs to be done for our patients.  They see an average of 30 patients a month. For a typical dental service trip, we have two dentists who will work 4 and a half days during the week and see an average of 20 patients per day.

When the US dentists come down to work at our clinics, they not only do harder cases, they act as mentors to our full-time dentists, teaching them techniques that will help them with their practice. The clinic dentists love to learn and are grateful for the service our US dentists are doing for their people.

If you want to bring your family members, we provide service opportunities for them, including working at the orphanges, teaching English, painting retirement centers, schools and orphanages, and making piñatas for the special needs school to sell to earn money.   Those are only a few of the quality service opportunities we provide.

Every trip is different as we customize it according to who is traveling with us. We need general dentists, endodontists, oral surgeons, hygienists, dental assistants, pre-dental students, and receptionists.  Some family members may want to work in the clinic which is great.  The hotels are very nice and clean.  We hire a driver that we use every time we travel in Honduras, and the van/buses are air conditioned and comfortable.  Safety is our #1 priority.  Cost: $1,800-$2,500.

Upcoming Dental Service Trips: October 19-26, 2019 in Merida, Mexico. For more information contact:

Gary Evans

Rotary International to Peru

An opportunity to go on a Rotary International sponsored expedition Iquitos,  Peru a jungle village along the Amazon.  The purpose of the expedition is primarily to do medical and dental care. They are seeking dentists to go down with them to do rural dental work as part of their multiple expeditions, in primitive conditions.

Monty Eggett (past governor of Rotary in Utah)

*Anyone desiring to fulfill these positions can borrow the Academy’s Adec portable dental units to take down with them to use.

Smiles for Latin America

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Smiles for Latin America is no longer operating.  They hope to resume the program after the pandemic restrictions have lifted, but currently have no plans to reopen.

Wings Worldwide

Contact Us

Wings World Wide – The Air Medical Foundation maintains a website at the following web address:

Specific information on the Foundation can be found at either of these addresses. Interested parties can also download all Foundation information and/or contact Foundation officers from our website.

All communication with Wings World Wide – The Air Medical Foundation should be directed to:

Wings World Wide
The Air Medical Foundation
11411 160th Ct. NE
Redmond, WA 98052

ph: 425-885-9424
fax: 253-295-7161

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Use Giving Assistant to save money and support the Academy of LDS Dentists. Donate 3-30% of your purchase price at 3,000+ stores.