South Pacific


Dr. Chisholm working in one of 5 Operatories in Pesega Clinic, Samoa

In Tonga they have had a tsunami, earthquake and ash fallout.  We’ve had a local repairman look at the clinic and he indicated it is in pretty bad shape.  We’re getting a second opinion from Dr. Hatch, who is good at repairing equipment.  We’ll fix what we can and replace what we can’t.

We’ve got a missionary called to Tonga who is now in Fiji, but we’re hoping he’s in Tonga by the first of the year. The clinic should open rapidly after that.  We’re anticipating the first of January.

Tonga has been the slowest of all the countries to open. Every time they have a little influx of COVID they shut down.  Samoa and Fiji have dropped their COVID restrictions. In Samoa we will probably start having some missionaries that need attention soon, but we are attempting to get licensure from the government before that can happen.

The clinic in Kiribati hopefully will be open for service summer of 2023.  That clinic is now under construction.


At this time we are not able to have volunteers.  We are gathering more information and as this is updated we will post it here.  We will make an announcement through social media when we are able to have volunteers.

 FOR MORE INFORMATION contact us by phone or e-mail.  We will send a handout with more information and let you know when we are once again able to work in the clinics in Tonga and Samoa.

Front desk of Pesega Clinic in Samoa

Deseret International Foundation, (also known as Charity Vision), is involved in the clinics in Tonga, Samoa, and a new clinic being built in the Republic of Kiribati on the Moroni High School Campus.  Deseret International has also been involved in a Clinic in the Philippines.  Those are the only dental projects that Deseret International is currently involved with. For more information on Deseret International click here:

You can take a look at prior service and humanitarian efforts in the South Pacific here:

For up to date information PLEASE CONTACT:

Wayne R. Chisholm, D.D.S.

Missionary Dental Care Service Coordinator

Pacific Area

Jeannine Chisholm, CHt

Home Phone:  (435) 896-4347

Cell phone:       (435) 896-7688