South Pacific


Single Operatory in Pesega Clinic, Samoa

At the present time the clinics are currently closed in Tonga and Samoa.  The countries of Tonga and Samoa are so far clear of the Covid virus, and they are only now allowing their own citizens who got caught out of the country when they closed the borders, back in the country.  No outsiders allowed. Kiribati is also not allowing foreigners in.

It’s been my experience that most individuals going on service projects plan a year or two, sometimes even three, years ahead.  I think we need to focus on when things get back to “normal.”   With the advent of vaccines and cures, things will get back to normal.


  • Minimum stay in Samoa and Tonga is two weeks (10 clinic days).
  • There is free housing in Tonga on the Liahona Campus; in Samoa there is some housing on campus and a lot of off-campus housing.  All housing does have rental fees.
  • Round-trip from Los Angeles has been about $1,500 to either Tonga or Samoa.
  • We ask all volunteers to bring their own expendables, such as masks, gloves, anesthetic, gauze, composite, etch and bond, rubber dam, etc – as much as they will be using plus a little extra for the clinic.

 We are hopeful that things will be back to normal within a year and that we will be able to resume humanitarian trips.

FOR MORE INFORMATION contact us by phone or e-mail.  We will send a handout with more information and let you know when we are once again able to work in the clinics in Tonga and Samoa.

Front desk of Pesega Clinic in Samoa

Deseret International Foundation is involved in the clinics in Tonga, Samoa, and a new clinic to be built in the Republic of Kiribati on the Moroni High School Campus.  We have not yet been able to start the construction of the new clinic but will post an update when the Clinic in Kiribati is ready.  Deseret International has also been involved in the Clinic at the MTC in the Philippines.  Those are the only dental projects that Deseret International is currently involved with. For more information on Deseret International click here:

You can take a look at prior service and humanitarian efforts in the South Pacific here:

For up to date information PLEASE CONTACT:

Wayne R. Chisholm, D.D.S.

Missionary Dental Care Service Coordinator

Pacific Area

Jeannine Chisholm, CHt

Home Phone:  (435) 896-4347

Cell phone:       (435) 896-7688