General Practice for Sale in Marietta, thriving suburb of Atlanta, GA, 1 1/4 mi from Big Chicken

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If you want a practice that will pay you 400k right from the start, this is not it.
If you want to sell dentistry and have revenue quotas and the big business model, my baby is not for you.

This practice would be great for a newer dentist that does not want the pressure of a fast pace office and the worry
of how they will pay for a big practice with all the expensive equipment. It is ideal for someone that wants
to add skills and equipment over time.
This practice could also be good for an experienced dentist who will perform specialized procedures instead of refering them out.

I started this practice from scratch in 1988. My philosophy is to treat people right, to give them options without
pressure, and to care about them - including their pocketbook and time. Patients love the relaxed atmosphere without
pressure, the care, and being seen at their appointed time.
It wasn't all about money, but it has provided well for me and my large family and allowed me to serve and have a good life

Here is some information that will help you decide if you are interested:
Over time, we have decided to do those procedures that we were good and efficient with. We refer out all endodontics, oral surgery, advanced periodontics, orthodontics, TMD, etc. We do mostly preventive and restorative.

Office- Georgetown brick building on busy Roswell Rd, one flight of stairs up to office approximately 2060 sq ft
with lots of windows and a beautiful open area ceiling with large sky light.
5 operatories: 4 (10'x12') open design with Midmark and Adec chairs and 1 smaller private with doors (currently old chair and cart)
Diamond Dental Software, not digital but we are able to digitize radiographs and the software program is capable of digital charts.
This dinousaur will need to be brought into the next era.

Staff of 3 employees: front desk, dental assistant, hygienist Note: another hygienist as independant contractor as needed
4 days a week (before covid, Friday am was for big cases or patients we couldn't get in the other days)
Collections: 2018 550,954 2019 560,976 2020 496,853 2021 541,476 2022 (Jan1 to June 30) 292,073
Profit: 2018 258,722 2019 254,643 2020 233,444 2021 260,092 2022 TBA

Asking price: $425,000 We are currently working with Bridgeway- Practice Transitions.

If owning your own practice so you can provide caring dentistry is for you and if you can live on $250,000 minus this loan and other loans then please contact me and ask more questions:
Mark L Prestwich DMD
770 625-6674 (text if no answer)

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