High Earning GP Practice 4 Sale In ABQ, NM + NHSC Loan Forgiveness

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For sale is a profitable GP partnership within a group practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Annual Production is usually about $1,000,000 and collections last were year about $980,000. OH usually sits around 40%. My take home pay averaged just above $40,000k/month).

The last few months have been quite a bit higher, about $55,000 each month.

I purchased the practice directly out of dental school about 5 years ago and after a few months I was up and producing pretty close to what the previous seller was doing within a few months. This is a great opportunity for a new dentist to gain a ton of experience and pay down loans pretty quickly.

Typically I work 3-3.5 days/week.

A bulk of production comes from crown and bridge, fillings, and exams. I do occasional implants, but it makes up a minority of production. I don't offer sedation or impacted wisdom tooth removal.

You can receive 30K in student loan forgiveness OR if you're an NHSC scholar and you're school tuition is already been paid, then you can fulfill your obligation while still having all the benefits of practice ownership. Our practice is fully certified with the NHSC and has a HPSA score of 20+.

Systems are in place and maintained by our incredible OM. It almost feels as though I have the responsibilities as an associate but the flexibility, freedom and pay of an owner.

Financially speaking, this practice has been a gem. I've been able to pay off my student loans, buy a house, have reliable and nice cars, go on vacations, and start investing. All within the first three and a half years.

The practice has been an awesome experience and the only reason I am leaving is due to family health concerns (trying to get closer to family whose health has been somewhat declining).

I have previous 12 month metrics (NP, production, collection, etc) on an excel sheet and can offer anyone access to it.

Practice Price: I am selling the practice for exactly what I bought it for when I came out of school (adjusted for inflation) to allow this awesome opportunity to be awesome for the next dentist. $500,000



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Looking for a summer-fall transition.

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