Albuquerque High Earning GP Practice 4 Sale + NHSC Loan Forgiveness

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This is an awesome opportunity that would provide strong, immediate cash flow, great hours, low stress to any dentist, and lots of experience in any aspect of dentistry one sees they want to pursue. Plus as the title states, we are NHSC qualified (which means you can get additional loan forgiveness)Below are the details:

Job: Practice provides all types of dentistry (general, cosmetic, oral surgery, endo, pediatric) but majority of collections come from low stress bread and butter dentistry.

Hours: Typically about 30 hours on a 3.5 day work week. As a partner in this practice, you would be completely in charge of how much you work, so the hours you work are up to you. As the schedule stands now, it rotates each week so you would get 7 days off in a row each and every month and another 5 days off in a row in the same month. Awesome if you like to travel, have another practice, or other hobbies. I typically work 1 Saturday morning per month, but that completely up to the Dr and what he/she prefers. The schedule is awesome, but difficult to explain through this medium. If interested, contact me and i'll explain in detail.

Loan Repayment: As stated above, our office is compliant with the NHSC student loan forgiveness program. Which means you would get additional payments each year, tax-free, that go towards student loans. This practice is also amazing for any NHSC scholar! Owner type income without student loans.

Pay: I'd obviously be happy to go into complete detail with anyone that decides this might be something they want to pursue. But suffice it to say, I was able to earn enough to pay off student loans (about $420,000), buy a house, have reliable and nice cars, take high quality CE courses (implant pathway, KOIS, etc) and start to invest and plan for my future, all before being here for 4 years. I'd have been happy to stay here for years to come, but for personal reasons, we have to move.

Practice Price: Again, this is something that I would prefer not to put in a public space, but will disclose any information to any person who seems interested. I am selling it for exactly what I purchased it 4 years ago. This was my first venture after dental school, and it was a good one. I hope that someone else in a similar circumstance could also benefit from being here.

There really are so many pros to working in this practice. Feel free to contact me @


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