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Qualifies for federal Loan Repayment options: up to $50,000 for a two-year commitment. Family-friendly area just 1 hour outside of Boise.

Requirements: Provide comprehensive dental care for patients in a community health center.
-Graduate from an accredited DMD or DDS program.
-Obtain Oregon and Idaho dental license and DEA certificates
-Be CPR certified.
-Be proficient in all aspects of diagnostic and clinical dentistry.
-Incentive for Spanish bilingual abilities

Perform all phases and aspects of direct clinical dentistry. i.e. General dentistry, Periodontics, Endodontics, Preventative dentistry, Pediatric dentistry, Prosthodontics, and Oral Surgery.
Review dental health history and medical health history.
Implement the philosophy of VFHC concerning public health dentistry emphasizing the role of prevention in dental health.
Work willingly with community dental prevention projects to propagate an awareness of preventive dental health to the local community.
Maintains a level of proficiency that corresponds with new developments found within the Dental Community.
Provide appropriate supervision of dental personnel as directed by Dental Director.
Monitor and ensure that all assigned personnel adhere to the guidelines set forth in the VFHC Dental Policies and Procedure Manual and the VFHC Employee Handbook.
Assist the Dental Director in the information and monitoring of the VFHC Quality Assurance Program.
Be responsible for all dental equipment and supplies and provide the necessary guidance to others so that those assets are properly maintained and utilized to gain their maximum effect.
Be responsible for adherence to all State and Federal regulations concerning the safety of fellow employees and patients within the VFHC Dental Service environment.
Will supervise day to day operation of the Facility under the general supervision of the Operations Manager and Dental Director.
Take Continuing Dental Education courses required to maintain current licensure in Idaho and Oregon.

Complexity and Demands:
Provide a position of leadership to accomplish the Mission of VFHC Dental Team.
Deliver a broad range of Dental services to the entire population.
Understand the complexity of the bilingual/bicultural clinic.
Adhere to all clinic and administrative protocols set forth by the Dental Director and CEO of VFHC.
Willingly attend and participate in all staff and committee meetings as required or assigned by the Chief Operating Officer or Dental Director.

Management Responsibilities:
Supervises all staff assigned to their clinic. Responsible to provide direct supervision of all Dental Assistants, Dental Receptionist personnel and Hygienists as may be assigned.
All performance appraisals for supervised staff completed by due dates.
All time cards, reports and other administrative requirements completed by due dates.
Performance issues dealt with in a legal and appropriate manner following health center policies and procedures.

Administrative Guidelines:
VFHC Dental Policies and Procedure Manual.
VFHC Employee Handbook.
Idaho and Oregon State Dental Practice Assets.
NHSC and OSHA guidelines.

Quality Improvement:
Participates in improving VFHC performance, processes, or programs through quality improvement which will be demonstrated in at least one instance annually.

Physical Requirements:
Must be able to lift without adverse effects weights up to 35 pounds or more as required.
Must be able to endure long periods of standing, sitting, bending or stooping.
Correctable vision and hearing.
Must be able to read, write and speak clearly.
Must possess normal color acuity.
Must possess the appropriate manual dexterity to perform successfully the duties described within this Job Description - "Dentist".

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