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I’m a practicing partner of a dentist owned group practice.

We have 280 practices with 190 practicing owner doctors throughout the country. We are looking for likeminded dentists to join our group. Our group would help on the management side (including recruiting for associates, payroll, IT, HR, health benefits, etc.) and have the dentist-owner have complete autonomy of their clinical and business side. Autonomy of your practice is a crucial part of our profession and as a dentist owned group, we understand the value of it. As a partner, you would not change your brand, dental supplier, labs, or have any office turnover.

As a partner, you can invest directly into the overall group, typically a 3x your investment. Our partners also invest into our stock options (2x return with quarterly returns). We are expanding our large group practice and have funds to offer above market value (~3-6x value of your practice) plus being able to invest in our overall group.

Again, this is a partnership organization not a traditional DSO. Compared to traditional DSO groups where you have to sign a 3-5 year contract “associate style,” we are actual partners and there are no contracts. All of our partners have equity stake in their individual practices as well as the overall group. We are in this together!

Please let me know if you are free to talk to see if you may be interested in hearing more about our group. We can provide a free valuation of the practice along with a 5-year projection earn-out model.

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