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Hello fellow dentist, excellent opportunity in beautiful Northern Arizona. We chose Prescott to be close to Utah, and to live in a more moderate climate....which, is what makes Prescott a popular retirement community with lots of growth. California retirees regularly coming in keeps dentistry here booming! 6hr drive to San Diego, 4hr drive to Vegas, 10hr drive to Provo, 1.5hr drive to skiing in Flagstaff, 1.5hr drive to entertainment in Phoenix. Snows 3-4 days a year, but rarely sticks longer than a day. Summer stays 12degrees cooler than Phoenix.

Private practice, 80% Fee-for-service, 20% PPO office. Fee schedule is currently 80th percentile, and my schedule is 4-5 weeks booked out working Monday-Friday. 20% growth yearly production these last 6 years. 50-60 new patients per month. Excellent online reputation and google reviews.

I'll be giving up 512k yearly production to cut back to 20hrs chair time weekly, which ensures commission higher than the average base pay $500/day....Expected 1st year pay 200k, starting at 20hrs a week. The goal is to get you to 40 hours a week ASAP with potential salary of $400k+, depending on your production. It may be slow at first since it's currently a 1 doctor office, at maximum capacity, but I'll be looking to get you to full speed quick.

Potential salary as a partner is currently $650k yearly, according to our financials. My preference is to hire someone looking to stick around Prescott long term & form a partnership after associating.

Our workload is mostly restorative. I do 1-2 crowns per day. I place implants with digital work flows and happy to mentor. Placing over 100implants/year. I refer out all molar endo, and keep most all oral surgery in house. Lots of denture patients. Marketing heavily for implant patients, and SEO is very successful for new hygiene patients. Not as much cosmetic dentistry comes in, but I enjoy occasional veneer and Clearcorrect cases.

I do 2hr visits for Cerec Empress crowns, 2.5hr for e.Max Cerec, 1hr 20min for Gold, 20min 1 surface no anesthetic, 30min 1 surface or class 3 with anesthetic, 40min class 2, 50min for MOD.

Text or email me please! David Herbert, DDS 801-636-6371

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