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I am a general dentist in Albuquerque, New Mexico who owns and operates 2 successful dental practices. I started these practices right out of school, and went through many ups and downs, made plenty of mistakes, and always thought, “If only there was someone there to mentor me in the beginning!” Because of this, I created this mentorship program opportunity where a person can work as an associate for 2-3 years, learning and refining their skills, learn what it takes to operate a dental practice, decide what type of practice they want, still make a great living, and in the end, have the opportunity for ownership. So with that brief introduction, within these two dental offices I am offering the following unique opportunities:

Office 1

-Full-time employment (32-37 clinical hours a week)
-Student Loan Repayment
-Very Busy Schedule
-Master the Basic Dental Procedures
-Very Competitive Compensation Package
-Professional Liability Insurance Coverage
-Spanish Lessons

A full-time general dentist employment opportunity where you can receive up to 50,000 dollars of tax-free loan repayment while earning a very competitive payment/bonus structure of up to 1000 dollars a day. This office is very busy and serves the lower-income Hispanic population of southern Albuquerque. It is a group practice with multiple doctors and does all aspects of dentistry, to whatever level you are comfortable with. This is a great place for a new dentist to really learn how to perform bread and butter dentistry well and effectively. The practice is very busy, runs very well, and sees a high volume of dental patients, so you will also learn how to manage a busy schedule, preparing you for the real world. You will have other dentists, like myself, and a very experienced staff present to help you out if you need it and to be there to mentor and guide you. Spanish is not essential as most of the staff speak the language, but it would be beneficial. You will have the opportunity to learn the Spanish language if you desire and online language classes will be offered.

Office 2

1 Day a Week (6-hour workday)
Higher-End Clientele
More Advanced Dental Procedures
Paid CE
Teaching Opportunity

A much smaller, private office also doing all aspects of dentistry but for a higher-end clientele. You will be given another bonus for spending one day a week at this office where you will learn how to do same-day crown and bridge with our in-house intraoral scanner and milling unit, same-day dentures with our in-house dental lab, analyzing a CBCT, clear aligner therapy, botox and dermal fillers, surgically guided and freehanded dental implants, and so much more. Get up to 1000 dollars a year in paid CE. Be a mentor yourself and spend one day a month teaching dental assistants in all aspects of dentistry from office managing to orthodontics. Teaching office management will help you understand most of the business and insurance side of a dental practice.

With this mentorship program, you will be able to see the contrast between the “roller skate” practice and “cosmetic” practice and decide which option you like more. The goal is to have you fully prepared to start your own dental practice by the end of the program. You will take all you have learned and at the end of the program have the option of partnership/ownership in either of the two models if this is your desire.

This is a huge opportunity. Please email Tracy at for more information. I look forward to hearing from you..

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