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I’m Dr. Spillers & I’m looking for an Associate Dentist for a unique dual-opportunity. What I mean by that is you will have the chance to work with me a couple of days a week, and at our other location the rest of the week. We can both learn from each other. I find it enriching to work with other dentists as this profession can be so isolating.

• I offer Training and Mentorship in GP Implants, Orthodontics, Omnicam Cerec, Laser, Cone Beam, Wisdom Teeth, and Full Mouth Extractions and Dentures.
• You will also learn the business side of dentistry with my partner/s.
• Opportunity is to work 1-2 days with me at my primary location & 2-3 days per week at our second location.
• You will be lead Dentist in the second location and truly have a unique path to partnering and calling an office “your own,”
• Your primary office will have your feel, your personality, your labs, your dental work, and all with our support.
• My partner/s and I, along with our regional and office managers, will help you emerge as a leader in this office poised for growth.
• Are you looking for immediate or future opportunities for partnership/ownership? Let’s explore the possibilities!
• Ideal candidate is someone out of school a few years, perhaps a residency was done, or military service is now up, and who is ready to get into possible ownership but wants help doing it.
• Do you want to grow your Dental skills to become a “super GP”? I will support you to get there.

I encourage all candidates to apply. Certainly open to entertain any candidates who desire to do this together with me, as we can do this better together than alone.
Submit your CV today & we will reach out to you to discuss further.
Thanks, Dr. Spillers

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