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To Whom it may concern,

My name is Trent Finley and I am a general dentist seeking to fulfill my dream of acquiring a dental practice. But first, I would like to tell you a little bit about me as I am not your typical new dentist. At the age of 16, my parents divorced. This caused a cascade of events that led to over 30 moves across several states, including New Mexico, Texas, California, Idaho, Utah, and Missouri. Due to the financial constraints placed on my mother, I was taken out of school before I finished the 8th grade and took on the responsibility of getting a job to help pay our family’s monthly expenses. Growing up early was tough but it eventually led me to create a vision for my life that would bring me direction. At the age of 16, after many struggles, I found religion and was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. From that moment, I knew that I wanted to serve a full-time mission a few years later so I began my preparations to fulfill requirements including obtaining my General Education Diploma (GED). At 19, I fulfilled my dream to serve a two-year mission in the northern states of Honduras where I learned leadership, companionship, self-discipline, culture, discipleship, and became fluent in the Spanish language. It was also in Honduras that I had the opportunity to translate for the dentists and hygienists of the Smiles for Latin America dental brigade where I grew my passion for dentistry.

Unfortunately, while serving, my mother became homeless resulting losing everything I had owned. This led to me to plan months in advance on where I would return to upon completing my mission. I was fortunate to be taken in by a family I had never met in Utah that helped me obtain the bare essentials and gave me a place to study to take the SAT in preparation to entering college. After months of studying, I gained admittance into Brigham Young University- Idaho where I would later earn my associate’s degree and where I would meet my future wife.

After marrying and completing my degree, my wife and I moved to Missouri where I would complete my bachelor’s degree at Columbia College and fulfill requirements to go to dental school. Throughout all of college, I have volunteered hundreds of hours through school leadership and community opportunities. I have also worked full-time and part-time jobs along the way. I have been blessed to receive some scholarships in addition to monetary gifts of support from members of the church branches I have attended throughout the years that enabled me to get far enough to apply to dental school.

I then attended UMKC School of Dentistry where I earned my Doctorate degree and am now attending Truman Medical Center- Lakewood General Practice Residency to gain more experience in implant dentistry, IV Moderate Sedation, restoration techniques of full-mouth rehabilitations, and more. When I am not in clinic, I am currently spending late hours learning business and Spanish for the Healthcare Profession through courses I am taking online. I also enjoy portrait photography and physical fitness as hobbies.
My wife and I have been married for 8 years now and have 3 wonderful children: Rory (6), Tanner (4), and Aiden (1). My family and I love to do weekly activities together including going on bike rides, playing board games, and going on picnics at the park. We are very active Christian family. My wife and I love to volunteer regularly in our church where we also attend various activities and events throughout the year. My family has brought me purpose and has become the keystone to my life.

Now that I have told you a little about who I am, I would like to describe what I am looking for. I am in search of the following:

-A solo doctor transition- 6-month to 2-years (depending on the opportunity); or a group practice buy-in

-A fair deal- I am willing to pay a fair price and promise not to nit-pick a fair acquisition

-Practice must be in Missouri or Kansas area

I am also open to a group practice opportunity where shared ownership is an option (depending on the situation). I have a vision of what kind of dentistry and the type of dentist I am working on becoming but am very open-minded about opportunities. One thing I have focused on throughout my dental career is providing a comfortable and relaxing experience for the patient. I come with a light and gentle touch and focus on understanding the patient’s prospective. With my life experience, I feel that by treating people the way I want to be treated is the best approach to patient care. If this fits your current practice model, I would love the opportunity to chat with you or someone you know about a practice acquisition. I realize that building a practice is hard work and I am excited to fill the shoes of someone who loves their patients, their employees, and is passionate about dentistry.

Please feel free to email me to request my CV. I have a lot I have done throughout college, dental school, and residency that will contribute to a well-established practice. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact me. If you are not selling, but know someone that is, please feel free to share this with them.

Best regards,

Trent Finley, DDS

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