Free practice in beautiful Washington State! The Fairfield dental clinic.

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Free practice! Just buy the building for 66,000. All equipment and computers, patient records, included. I would even work something out to hold a contract for the buyer..
Well established dental office location of about 60 years. 214 E Main st. Fairfield, WA. Experience rural living at it’s finest! And A temple only 25 minutes away. This practice on Main Street in Fairfield is in a prime location, and the people of this charming little farming town are wonderful. Check out this newspaper report from 2014 to get an idea of the practice.
This awesome deal includes a fairly new Air conditioning system, and a heating oil system for winter, three operatories, a sterilization room, a private office, and a lunchroom. I just love this quaint, old office, but it seems the Lord has plans for me elsewhere. Maybe this is the place for you.
Includes a nice x-ray tube head, statim 5000, dry vac, compressor, handpieces, supplies, furniture, etc.
The patient charts, X-ray XDR database, and Open dental database.
There are about 2500 homes in the area to advertise to.
This a great opportunity for the right person, I believe.
Very Respectfully,
Joe Ostheller DDS
P.S. This town is very patriotic. Fairfield has had one of the longest consistently held Flag day celebrations in America.

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