So. America: Argentina, Paraguay & Peru


Cordoba Argentina Temple

The Area Presidency has approved a project in the city of Cordoba, Argentina to help with the Municipal Health Department. The Church wants to do something to help the city in conjunction with the Cordoba Temple that is moving forward.  The Health Department has 100 medical clinics in the city and 70 have a dental operatory (some have more than one). They usually have as many as 1000 patients each day at these clinics.

The Church, working with Deseret International, has provided funding to equip 10 more operatories to increase the number of dental clinics to 80. Dr. Bill Jackson from Deseret has more detailed information. The Municipal Dental Health Director is more than willing to have us come and participate in dental projects if we would like to do so.

In June of last year, Dr. Dwayne Zobell went with Ronaldo Walker, the representative in Argentina for Deseret International, to the area north of Buenos Aires called Tigre. They took down a portable dental unit from Hampton Research and other supplies to be donated to the Tigre Health Department to help them equip a bus that will be a mobile health clinic to help care for people in more remote areas of their jurisdiction. They toured six of their health clinics and visited with them about helping to get more dental equipment for several of the clinics.


They then traveled to Paraguay with Gustavo Berta, from the South American South Area Humanitarian Welfare Services Department to a remote village called La Abundancia, about 450 km from Asuncion. They assessed the possibility of doing a project for the Nivaclete Indigenous people who the Church has relocated to an area in Chaco, Paraguay. There is a chapel there, and apparently Dr. Richard Smith along with Dr. David Dickerson had been there previously to take care of their dental needs. Based on current assessments, there is still great need for dental care, clothing, sanitation, basic health care instruction, etc


As far as Peru is concerned, Dr. Steve Crump participated in a project we had there two years ago for the native missionaries in the four missions in Lima and the MTC. Steve and his son (who is a dentist in Spokane), Dr. Jim Meadows from Portland, and Dr. Zobell were able to use the clinic at San Marcos.  Apparently,  Deseret International has a project in Peru, but the Academy has not been involved with it yet. Dr. Bill Jackson would be able to give you more info on this.

Service Opportunities

The South American South Area Presidency has made a request for a project to Paraguay to serve the Nivaclete Indigenous Members in La Abundancia, Paraguay. The dates for the trip was November 19-26, 2011. Also, a request for professional continuing education for dental professionals in the Winter of 2012 to Cordoba, Argentina has been requested.

Essentially, a small group of dental professionals would be presenting information on current topics selected by the dental professionals from Cordoba, and continue to build on the foundation that has been established by Deseret International and the Church in recent years. Some humanitarian outreach would also be possible in providing care in the clinics that the recently donated equipment has been installed. We are monitoring the progress of the Cordoba Argentina Temple and hopefully will be able to have a humanitarian dental expedition to Argentina when the temple open house and dedication take place in 2013.

Dr. Dwayne Zobell