Guatamala Dental Clinic


Recognizing the need for improved access to dental care for future and current missionaries, expansion in humanitarian dental care for orphans, and a fresh perspective in dental education in Guatemala, the Church in combination with a number of local partners, has built an excellent 5-chair dental clinic in an orphanage in Guatemala City.  This facility, completed in 2009, is currently staffed by two full-time humanitarian dental missionary couples, volunteer dentists from around the United States and Canada, and is supported by the Academy of LDS Dentists.

 Focus of Care:

 There are three wonderful clinical populations served by the Clinic:

  1. Future missionaries who are identified by their priesthood leaders, needing dental work completed before submitting their applications.  These delightful young men and women are anxious to serve, and need comprehensive primary dental care, including basic restorative and 3rd molar surgery.
  2. Missionaries in the MTC or missionaries serving throughout Guatemala who develop critical oral health needs while on their missions.
  3. Orphans from the Mi Casa Orphanage, including the 50 girls in the facility where the clinic is located and the 350 young boys in the near-by boy’s facility, as well as children from other orphanages.  While most of these children are now in active recall, new children continue to present with untreated needs.

Why is the Academy supporting this effort?

The Church has invited the Academy to facilitate the development and implementation of this effort for a number of reasons.  It gives yet another face to the Church’s clearly stated mission of caring for the poor and needy.

The number of local missionaries serving full-time missions has nearly doubled since implementation of the clinic and other outreach dental care programs with which the Academy is affiliated.  Given the socio-economic impact of dental disease, these efforts empower all the recipients to improve the quality of their lives, better provide for their families, and serve the Lord in the Church.  Additionally, the blessings that flow to us as we serve, tune our hearts to the needs of the Lord’s children throughout the world.

What can you do to help?

Serve with us in the clinic!  It’s a great location for a “service vacation” with your wife or older children.  Come visit the beautiful historic ruins of Guatemala, become enchanted with the people and create memories of service with your family!  We’re able to help you identify hotels, and arrange for local guides if you wish to tour parts of the country.

If you have interested in serving in the Guatemala Clinic, contact us at

Full-time missionaries currently serving:

–Jim and Carol Curtis (serving until August 2016)

–Rick and Cheryl Smith (serving until April 2017)

–Ross and Kari Sanford (serving until December 2016)


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