Asia: China

Dental Humanitarian Service in China 

“Each year Dr. Karl Koerner and Dr. Bruce Bosler conduct dental humanitarian trips to China. These trips are carried out according to an established model of 1) treating indigents (mostly orphans and the elderly) in modern clinics they use free of charge and 2) teaching local Chinese dentists at chair side and in lecture situations.
The expedition usually goes as follows: We take 7-8 dentists, 2 hygienists, and others to help facilitate the treatment up to a total of about 17-18 people. We are usually able to acquire some funding to help subsidize the hygienists.  We leave on a Friday and return on a Monday – for a total of 11 days.  There are two days of sightseeing.  Some people extend for a few days to visit other places too .
Evenings are packed with doing adventurous things in the place where we are, usually Guilin and Xian. Both are unique and interesting.  Guilin has better scenery but Xian has the Terracotta Warriors.  It is a culturally rich and professionally rewarding experience where we make many friends and lasting memories.  For some, it may be a culture shock, but you soon get over it as you acclimate into the surroundings.
For more information about the next upcoming China dental expeditions, contact Dr. Koerner for Xian (801-502-8585) or Dr. Bosler for Guilin (707-718-8112). The cost is usually about $2500 per person double occupancy (a little more for your own room).
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More about the cities: Xian has about eight million people and Guilin is a step down.  Xian has the benefit of being able to visit the Terra Cotta Warriors – an army of thousands of ceramic soldiers, chariots, and horses who were buried underground but are now exposed for our view. Guilin is a smaller town, a more ethnic area known for its spectacularly beautiful scenery.

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