LDS Church Full-time Dental Missions

LDS Church Full-Time Dental Missions

Opportunities are available in a number of locations throughout the world for those who can commit 12 to 24 months and are prepared to serve as Area Dental Advisers for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. These Area Dental Advisers are called as full-time missionaries and serve as critical resources for the Area, providing care for:

  1. Missionaries entering the MTC that have been unable to receive basic dental care meeting mission standards,
  2. Currently serving missionaries who develop a critical problem during their missions, and
  3. Future missionaries preparing to serve.

Additionally, they work with Area Medical Advisers and Mission Nurses to properly triage emerging oral health needs with the missionaries and other missionary duties as may be assigned. The Academy of LDS Dentists works with the Church to help provide resources for dental missionaries in different Church clinics throughout the world.

As dentists, we are uniquely skilled to provide this needed resource as part of the Bishop’s Storehouse, in furthering the Work of Salvation and hastening the work.  The rewards of this level of consecrated service to the Lord are enormous, and you will feel His guiding hand on yours – both clinically and spiritually – as you serve as a full-time dental missionary.  Language skills are helpful, but maintaining your dental license and your physical, spiritual, and financial health are the most critical elements necessary in order to serve.

The Senior Missionary Opportunities Bulletin ( provides details on the sites that are available.  Please contact the specific Area Coordinator for the details regarding each location prior to contacting your bishop and stake president to prepare your missionary application.

For further information, contact Dr. Rich Call,  DMD, MS, Senior Missionary Dental Care Services Coordinator, Central America Area (