Hope Alliance

Sponsors medical and dental service projects in mostly the Iquitos, Peru (Amazon) area. Always welcomes a dentist to accompany their service expeditions.

They also work in Guatamala, Kenya, Haiti and Nepal,  as well as Peru. They work with a local dentist who lives in Barranca, Peru. Currently building a medical dental building. They do a lot of clinics on the Amazon river where there is no care available, bringing in generators and a portable dental units. Needs doctors, hygienists, dental students, and assistants. Dental excursions are most common in Peru there are 5-6 trips during the past year.

Monty Eggett
Phone: (801)952-0400
Fax: (801)973-7473

1775 West 1500 South

Salt Lake City, UT  84104