Hirsche Smiles Foundation

Chiquimula, Guatemala

Since 1998, dentists have been providing dental care to rural isolated Chorti Indian villages throughout the mountains of Western Guatemala.

The Hirsche Smiles Foundation was started in 1990 by:

Dr. Blayne L. Hirsche, plastic and reconstructive surgeon and
Dr. Michael Chandler, anesthesiologist. 

In the fall of 2002,  Dr. Hirsche and his wife, Sandy, were killed in a plane crash and in their honor, the foundation has continued as have the countless trips to the mountain lands of Guatemala. 

The foundation and the great work that is done in Guatemala has continued.  All team members are volunteers.  The team’s capability is to do dental restorations, not just extractions. There are one to four trips a year to the interior of Guatemala.

Utilizing 4-wheel drive vehicles, teams of dentists, assistants, and other humanitarian workers set up portable chairs and dental units in rural schools and provide primary surgical and restorative care to first the children and then adults in the region. We work in conjunction with a local dentist from Chiquimula and local Chorti Indian support organizations.

Trips are in January/February and again in the fall of each year. Spanish language skills are helpful, but not mandatory. Trips are 7-10 days, cost about $1,200, and are incredibly rewarding in terms of the people you are with, both patients and providers.

To read an article written by Kathy Ross regarding their visit to Guatemala in 2012, CLICK HERE.

CONTACT:  Hirsche Smiles Foundation (www.HirscheSmiles.org)

Dr. Glenn Payne, Hirsche Smiles Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. Nate Lester, Hirsche Smiles Foundation Dental Advisor

Kathy Ross, Hirsche Smiles Foundation Board of Directors