Global Dental Relief

About Global Dental Relief

Global Dental Relief (GDR) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization established in 2001 to provide free dental care and oral health education to children living in poverty. GDR’s commitment is to return to these same children every two years to provide continuous care throughout childhood. On average, teams treat 100 children per day to top-notch dental care.

GDR currently offers 17 clinics a year in five countries: Guatemala, Kenya, India, Nepal and Cambodia. Volunteer clinical work is combined with opportunities to explore local culture and participate in guided travel.  To date, GDR has hosted more than 1,500 volunteers and treated over 100,000 children.

To learn more about Global Dental Relief, visit or reach out at 303.858.8857.

For a list of 2016 dental service expeditions, click here: Click Here

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