Flying Samaritans

This is an organization that has been in existence for over 40 years.  The Flying Samaritans is a volunteer organization, which operates free medical and dental clinics in Baja California, Mexico.  There are ten chapters located in California and Arizona that support these clinics. 

Monthly each chapter organizes and plans a trip to the clinics that their particular chapter supports.  Most of these clinics have dental operatories all set up and ready to use.  Procedures performed include fillings, extractions and cleanings generally. 

The trips are all on weekends, so by taking just a Friday off of work you can have a great humanitarian experience and help many who are in need.  A typical trip departs the United States on Friday morning.  We fly to Mexico in mostly single engine private aircraft of 4-6 seats.  You will be assigned to an aircraft and pilot.  After clearing Mexico customs at a port of entry, we continue the trip landing on an airstrip close to the clinic. 

We stay in modest hotels in Mexico, usually for 2 nights each trip.  Each participant pays his own way including hotel, food, visa and a portion of the fuel costs of the aircraft that you fly in.  Typically the cost per person will be around $250.00 to cover all of these expenses. 


See a YouTube about the clinic at: Laguna San Ignacio

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