About “Smiles for Central America”

Twice a year, teams of dental and medical professionals and other volunteers are formed to travel to Central America to participate in “Smiles for Central America” expeditions. 

Our primary focus is to provide dental and medical services for young men and women in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, and Nicaragua to help prepare them to serve full-time LDS missions.

To get a taste of a Smiles for Central America expedition, we invite you to watch this video:  Learn more by visiting our website:


Smiles for Central America would like to thank all members of the Academy of  LDS Dentists who joined the team for the humanitarian trip to Honduras: “Smiles for Honduras–San Pedro Sula 2014”. It was an exceptional opportunity to provide dental, endodontic, and oral surgery treatment to the future missionaries who will serve from this area of Honduras.

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce our next dental and medical expedition to Central America!




Dear Friends of Smiles for Central America,

We are looking forward to our next brigada to Central America–Smiles for Guatemala City 2015!  We have had a tremendous response and our roster is nearly full. However, we still have a few specific needs for dental professionals to complete our team. 

The following list will give you an update of positions we still need to fill:

  • 23 general dentists  6 openings
  • 4 endodontists   0-full
  • 7 oral and maxillofacial surgeons  0-full
  • 5 physicians    0-full
  • 1 prosthodontist, orthodontist, or dental lab technician (to make replacement teeth)  0-full
  • 1-2 nurses  0-full
  • 3-4 dental hygienists   2 openings
  • 2-3 medical lab technicians  1 opening
  • Dental and oral surgical assistants  0-full
  • 2 volunteers to give haircuts  2 openings
  • 1Photographer/Movie producer   1 opening
  • Other volunteers to staff the dental and medical clinic areas limited spots still open

Please check the list above. If you might be able to help us, please respond immediately by submitting your application:


Dental and medical professionals are encouraged (but not required) to bring a trained assistant and/or family members to assist in the clinic. This will enable us to be as efficient as possible in this large endeavor.

Although Spanish language skills are a nice benefit, volunteers do not need to be able to speak Spanish to join an expedition.

Costs for the Expedition

The estimated cost of this trip will be between $2,600 and $2,800 per person. This includes airfare from and returning to Salt Lake City (may be different for those departing from and returning to other airports), hotels, meals, and ground transportation. In addition to the 5 day medical/dental clinic in Guatemala City, we tentatively plan to visit Antigua, Guatemala, then fly to the island of Roatan for a3 night vacation at the end of the trip. Everyone, including tour leaders, pays his/her own way.

Payments are processed through the Smiles for Central America Foundation, a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization.  Thank you for your support. We hope to have the opportunity to serve with you soon!

If you have further questions or would like to apply for the trip please go to or contact: David Sheets at 801.836.0971 or

All the best,

David Sheets, Director, Smiles for Central America