Twice each year, “Smiles for Central America” sponsors humanitarian service expeditions to Central America for the purpose of providing medical and dental services for young LDS men and women to help them prepare to serve full-time LDS missions. The group rotates through the countries of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Dentists, oral surgeons, physicians, endodontists, prosthodontists, and dental hygienists are needed along with podiatrists, nurses, phlebotomists, lab technicians, dental assistants, barbers, pre-dental students, and a variety of others to staff the large volunteer team of approximately 100 people for every trip.

Local priesthood leaders bring in groups of young men and women who are planning to begin service as LDS missionaries within the next year. During the visit, each receives all the medical evaluation and dental treatment necessary to complete the missionary application. Priesthood leaders then keep completed applications until the future missionary reaches the age when interviews can be completed and the applications submitted to Church headquarters.

 Another important aspect of “Smiles for Central America” is to provide hope, love, and support for the people of Central America, and expeditions include a variety of community service projects for orphanages, children’s cancer hospitals, maternity hospitals, a dental school, and families in need.

To learn more about this opportunity and to apply for participation in an upcoming service trip, please see the website www.smilesforcentralamerica.comAlso, please exam the information below about our next service trip.


Smiles for Central America 2013

Announces 23rd Dental Expedition to :



Smiles for Nicaragua, Fall 2013

We anticipate helping approximately 700 young men and women prepare to serve LDS missions by providing assistance in filling out missionary papers, ha

ircuts, missionary photos, blood and urine tests, missionary medical exams, dental hygiene, hygiene training, comprehensive restorative dentistry, endodontics, and oral surgery.

We will also be participating in various community service projects while we are in Nicaragua, including projects for orphanages, a children’s cancer hospital, a maternity hospital, a service project for the families in a local LDS ward, and several visits to families in need.


R & R The trip will conclude with a three night stay at beach resort in beautiful
Costa Rica. 



Our Volunteer Team

Our team will be made up of approximately 110 volunteers. The estimated numbers of medical and dental professionals and volunteers needed are:

  • 23 general dentists
  • 4 endodontists
  • 6 oral and maxillofacial surgeons
  • 5 physicians
  • 1 prosthodontist, orthodontist, or dental lab technician (to make replacement teeth)
  • 1-2 nurses
  • 3-4 dental hygienists
  • 2-3 medical lab technicians
  • Dental and oral surgical assistants
  • 15+ pre-dental and pre-medical students
  • 2 volunteers to give haircuts
  • Other volunteers to staff the dental and medical clinic areas, as well as humanitarian services
Although Spanish language skills are a nice benefit, volunteers do not need to be able to speak Spanish to join an expedition (translators will be on hand).If you have further questions or would like to apply for the trip please go to or contact:

David Sheets at (801) 836-0971