Renting Equipment for Service Projects

Anyone wishing to accompany an expedition for one of the humanitarian groups like CHOICE, Chasqui, etc. or even go on one created by him/herself may borrow one of the Academy’s portable Adec dental units. They include a delivery system with hook ups so it can be run with an air compressor, and two great hand pieces (both a high and a low speed).   It is encased in one convenient carry on cases. Supplies, instruments, and disposables are the responsibility of the individual dentist.

The rental cost of a unit is $50.00.  Any of our Academy members who desire to borrow a unit, please contact Dr. Dickerson.

Dr. David Dickerson
Pleasant Grove, Utah
(801) 785-8500

Email to:

David Dickerson has made a 23-minute video on the type of equipment that is available from the Academy, details on shipping it, and how to put it together.  Before you rent the equipment, we STRONGLY recommend that you watch the video LOCATED HERE It will inform you of some important aspects of the equipment.