Donating to the Humanitarian Foundation


The Academy of LDS Dentists has been involved in humanitarian efforts for over 20 years. The Humanitarian Foundation was established so 100% of the financial contributions can be applied directly to the dental service needs throughout the world. The requirement for funds has been increasing due to escalating requests and the awareness of humanitarian needs in various areas. Our existing funds are not adequate for the number of requests, which are sent to the Academy.

Listed here are only SOME OF THE PROJECTS in which the Academy is helping and are in need of funds. More information on these and other projects are available upon request. The Academy’s major and immediate needs include:

Girls at the Orphanage

Girls at the Guatemala Orphanage where the Dental Clinic is located

1. GUATEMALA The LDS Church built a dental clinic at a large orphanage in Guatemala City. The Academy helped obtain equipment, including the donation of five operatories by John and Janelle Spencer, Catholic friends of Academy projects. Thus far, TEN dental LDS missionary couples have served at the clinic. Orphans from all over Guatemala City receive dental care in the clinic. However, the primary focus of the effort is for  LDS missionaries and pre-missionaries to receive dental care, so they can serve. Please contact the dental missionary couples at to volunteer to help. They also have a blog: CLICK HERE to see it.

Dr. Jerry Summerhays teaching in Uganda


2. UGANDA With Rotary Club connections Academy dentist Drew Cahoon equipped the only dental school in Uganda. Because of hundreds of thousands of people per dentist, Drew and the dental schools in Uganda and Rwanda want to teach 3-year trained dental workers to excavate decay with hand instruments, to restore teeth with glass ionomer, and to clean teeth. The value of this project is that after the Academy dentists and dental hygienists leave, the dental workers continue to treat people. Funds are needed for the instruments and supplies left for the workers.


3. KINGDOM OF TONGA In the beautiful South Pacific island Kingdom of Tonga, the Academy of LDS Dentists in conjunction with the LDS Church and Deseret International Foundation operates a 7-chair volunteer dental clinic on the campus of Liahona High School. This clinic is operated solely by donations of time and materials. The clinic has been in operation since 1998. During an average year, over 5,000 patients are treated, receiving a great variety of dental procedures. The dentist to population ratio in Tonga is 1 dentist to 10,000 people. To keep this much-needed clinic operating, donations are greatly needed for the monthly operating expenses.

Dr. Wayne Chisholm at Pesenga Dental Clinic, Samoa


4. SAMOA Previously known as Western Samoa, Samoa has a 3-chair clinic set up on the campus of Pesega High School. It opened its doors to the people of Samoa in 2008 and has been almost continually staffed by volunteer dentists working with local volunteer dental assistants.

The clinic relies on donations of time and materials. Since it’s opening, almost 15,000 patients have been seen. The dentist to population ratio in Samoa is 1 dentist to 20,000 people. To keep this much-needed clinic operating, donations are greatly appreciated.

Chinese Children in Line for Dental Treatment


4. CHINA Chaoyang is a beautiful city in northeast China, located between North Korea on the south and Inner Mongolia on the north. It is an agricultural city with a population of 300,000. The province of Liao Ning has established a campus-type school for middle and high school students in Chaoyang. Over 600 orphans and other students live and go to school on this campus. The dental team has made several trips to this school to provide dental care for the students. On every occasion they have been most warmly welcomed.

In four days, with teams working three- to four-hour shifts, they are able to treat hundreds of youth. The real plus to this project is that these kids are the ideal age where dental care will benefit them for a lifetime.


5. DENTAL CARE HERE AT HOMEOne does not need to look very far to see a need for dental care opportunities. Some of the Academy’s members have realized a need for service in our own “backyards” – their initiative, organizational skills and drive have lead to successful humanitarian services locally.

  • Dental Lifeline Network (DLN): The Academy has endorsed DLN.  CLICK HERE to learn more about how to provide dental service to those in need in your own neighborhood.
  • Ralph Montgomery started Donated Dental Services in Salt Lake City
  • Eric Vogle began Share-a-Smile in Provo to care for the dental needs of the homeless.
  • The first Give Kids a Smile in Utah County was started by three dentists working in their offices all located in the same office complex.
  • Two former Academy presidents, Brett Tobler and Mike Rockwell have Dentist’s with a Heart days where they provide free services in their offices one day a year.

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Funds for equipment, supplies and staff could assist dentists who are donating their skills and time for local humanitarian services. We are fortunate to have dentists with initiative to look for dental needs locally besides those in developing countries. The Academy has resources to assist dentists who want to provide services.

Dentists, hygienists and other staff members, who go to these developing nations, pay for their own transportation and all the expenses to get there – besides donating their personal time and loss of income while they are gone.

Donations to the Humanitarian Foundation go directly to the funding of equipment, supplies and to the clinic operations. The Academy of LDS Dentists’ Humanitarian Foundation is an IRS 501(c) 3 organization – all contributions are tax-deductible.

Your donation will go to a worthwhile cause and will help others SMILE!


1. CLICK HERE to make a donation online. Then click on the “Make a Donation” tab and follow the prompts. (Donation is made through BYU Conferences & Workshops)

2. By Donation by Mail. Send check to:

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If needed, you may contact the Academy’s Executive Director, Kathy Whittle, at (801) 889-7012 or

Thank you for your contribution to the HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION.