RESOURCES – Preschool Children


Whether you are searching for material to teach a group of preschool children or children of your own, it is important that the parent and guardian be involved in the training of this age group.

Listed below are resources including: age-appropriate videos, teaching the children that hold their attention, resources for parents in the form of brochures, handouts, websites so future studying can occur, and a training video for parents produced by Primary Childen’s Medical Center.



“For Kids!” –  Dental Health for Preschoolers, Kids, Preteens, and Educators: includes videos, games, activities, and resources. Fun for any age!




“Dudley & Friends” – Public service announcements about oral hygiene  geared for small children; a resource from the ADA.



FREE Healthy Teeth Tip SheetFREE Dental Health Tip Sheet

Download (PDF)the Tooth Fairy Tip Sheet. For great tips to healthy teeth and gums,   Ensuring your child has healthy teeth and gums is important. Along with teeth being essential for biting and chewing foods, they also help you speak clearly. In fact, many letters of the alphabet cannot be sounded without the help of teeth.  Eating healthy foods and establishing daily dental health routines will protect your child from dental disease and provide them with a sparkling smile!


How Do I Care for My Infant’s Teeth?  

This article  put out by Colgate, discusses “How Do I Care for My Infant’s Teeth?” and “What is Fluoride and How Do I Know if My Baby is Getting the Right Amount?”


Can Pacifiers and Baby Bottles Ruin my Baby’s Teeth?

This article explores topics like: Are Pacifiers a Problem? Early Childhood Tooth Decay: The Roles of the Bottle and Breastfeeding; Long-Term Consequences; and Preventing Decay in babies.


Download [PDF] this brochure regarding “A Healthy Mouth for your Baby”

Healthy teeth are important—even baby teeth. Children need healthy teeth to help them chew and to speak clearly. And baby teeth hold space for adult teeth. This booklet can help you keep your baby’s mouth healthy and give him a healthy start!

VIDEO – A Healthy Smile for a Healthy Baby

Made by Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah (about 14 min.)