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  • Dentists Give Community Something to Smile About

    December, 2014, Dr. Scott Williams and Dr. Andy Fuhriman ZANESVILLE, Ohio– Eighteen dental professionals took part in a marathon of dentistry Friday, providing reduced-fee dental work to almost 100 […]

  • Dental Tips, Hints, and Helps

    For right now, these DENTAL TIPS will be placed on this page in a chronological order in which they were received until a few more are obtained.  Once […]

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    Will you share a dental tip with us?    Have a question? “CLINICAL TIPS, HINTS, & HELPS” A listing of clinical tips, hints and helps for the dental professional.  […]

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    We are here to help you. Contact us to submit your tips or questions – They will be directed to an appropriate dental specialist who will create a […]

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    To respond to any of these questions below, send both the number of the question and your response to  Your response will be placed on the page […]