Spouse and Family

The Spouses learning one of the many worthwhile topics at the conference.


One of the unique aspects of the Academy of LDS Dentists is its inclusion of all family members in our activities. The active Spouse Program offers wives the opportunity to attend workshops about Spirituality, health, fitness and service that complement the education the rest of the family is receiving.

Wives in the Spouse Program support their husband’s efforts to go out into the world and perform service for needy people, and usually accompany them if possible.

The Youth are involved in several different activities - catered to all age groups.


For children of all ages, this more than just baby-sitting your children during conference sessions; it’s also a learning program. Each year, new activities are organized for every age group. For example, past years’ offerings have ranged from teen-age conferences about leadership skills, to the grade school “around the World” program which explored customs from a variety of cultures, to pre-school activities.

Parents say that they have great peace of mind knowing that their children are participating in learning activities that are enjoyable and stimulate learning in a spiritual environment. For many families the conference is the highlight of .their summer vacation..

A group of 4-5 families from all different locations look forward to attending the conference to renew friendships that started in dental school. One teen said: “This is the best trip we take as a family.  I look forward to the water park with my friends each year.  I wouldn’t miss it!”