Join the Academy of LDS Dentists

WELCOME! The Academy of LDS Dentists, is a non-profit (501 (c)(3) organization of dental professionals who are dedicated to serving mankind. Now in its 40th year, the Academy is going stronger than ever, with a continued focus on its three-fold purpose: EDUCATION, SERVICE, and FELLOWSHIP and members striving to fulfill the Academy mission:

  • To promote dental education among dental professionals and the general public;
  • To promote and facilitate dental service, providing manpower and expertise in dental care delivery, and to procure and distribute equipment, supplies, and educational materials to aid in patient treatment and educational pursuits; and
  • To enjoy a rich fellowship based on common ideals and philosophies. 

Membership dues are essential to carry out the mission of the Academy. They cover the entire calendar year from January 1st – December 31st:

$99/year for DENTISTS and $30/year for HYGIENISTS

To join the Academy, visit 

and scroll down to click on “continue membership join as a new account”

Membership is free of charge for DENTAL and DENTAL HYGIENE STUDENTS, and RESIDENTS. CLICK HERE to register.

Recent graduates also enjoy free membership: Click on and click on “continue membership join as a new account”

After graduation, students are asked to please re-register as a post-graduate resident OR a recent graduate. This will allow the Academy to keep current records and contact information.

For more information about student chapters and the many benefits of belonging to the Academy as a student, please visit the STUDENT RESOURCES page of the student section of the website.

An Invitation  from our President:

Dear Potential Academy Member:

Thank you for your consideration in joining the Academy of LDS Dentists. The executive committee and I have reviewed, with a great sense of satisfaction, the forward momentum of the purposes of our organization—education, service, and fellowship.

continues to be one of the greatest values in post–graduate education, along with the complete family experience, which includes programs for our spouses and children. Dues-paying members receive a significant discount on conference registration fees.

The SERVICE DEVELOPMENT of the Academy continues to expand into more areas of the world including increasing emphasis on serving under-served people in clinics here at home. Many of you have made a difference serving and sharing your talents with those in need. The Academy set goals for continued service in our clinics in Guatemala and the Pacific Islands.  In addition, the church has asked us to help explore the possibility of a dental clinic in the Philippines.0614 Honduras - Lineback Kelly 2

If you have been involved in any of our Academy activities, we hope that the friendships you have developed over the years have been enhanced. Membership in the Academy offers FELLOWSHIP opportunities to make or renew friendships with other dentists, with classmates from dental school, and fellow volunteers on service projects, etc.  As we participate in service projects, we develop a strong bond with our fellow volunteers, as well as with those whom we serve. Volunteers look forward to next year’s service project so they can renew their friendships with fellow volunteers and those whom they have served in past projects.

At the beginning of every year we encourage our members to renew their Academy memberships and to seek out new members so that our organization can continue to share the benefits of the Academy, while remaining a viable influence in our profession. The Academy is in particular need of specialists for our mentorship program.

As involved members of the Church, we often have assignments that sometimes conflict with the Academy schedule and thus we are not always able to attend the annual conference. We have noticed that many members associate the annual conference registration fees with keeping their membership dues current. Dues and conference fees are two separate items. Current Academy members are given reduced conference fees.  Membership dues, whether or not you attend a conference, are essential to enable us to fulfill the purposes of the Academy.

When each member is current with his or her dues, we are able to accomplish so much more.  Your member
ship is appreciated, and we encourage you to JOIN the Academy or renew your membership TODAY. 

Donations to the Humanitarian Service and Scholarship Funds would also be put to great use.  Please consider contributing.

May the Lord bless you and your loved ones abundantly this year.


Tom Johnston, 2016-2018 Academy President